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Anonymous asked: hi i am not an english speaker and i was wondering what 'Doppelgängers' means??? and what's 'Meeting Frannie'??? and do you have any example of 'Accidental Stimulation'??? thank you so much you'd be a great help!!! :)

Wikipedia defines it as such: “In contemporary vernacular, the word doppelgänger is often used in a more general sense to identify any person that physically ‒ or perhaps even behaviorally ‒ resembles another person, or to describe the sensation of having glimpsed oneself in one’s own peripheral vision.”

It has some other meanings, so checking out the Wikipedia article could be worth it. Personally, I think the interpretation of a doppelgänger as an “alter ego” lends itself best to creating entries for Faberry Week.

Meeting Frannie
Frannie is Quinn’s older sister. While never mentioned by name in the show itself, apparently in the Glee books that were released in the early days, her name is given as “Frannie.” So this prompt is about Faberry meeting Quinn’s sister, Frannie.

Accidental Stimulation
While not the most original idea (forgive me, I haven’t had my coffee yet), one example of this is: Faberry are having a tickle war on a bed. In the process, Rachel’s thigh ends up pressed in between Quinn’s legs, thus leading to accidental stimulation. How she responds can go a few ways. She can either freak out because she’s still a pressed lemon OR it can be angsty because unrequited Quinn OR sexytimes can ensue.

Also, if you are feeling stumped, the blog Faberry Week Prompts has some creative suggestions on how to go about creating entries for Faberry Week. Keep your eye on it during the time leading up to Faberry Week to see what ideas might be suggested for “Accidental Stimulation” (or any of the other prompts).

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Faberry Week 2014

The votes are in, and Faberry Week 2014 will feature the following prompts:

  • June 15 - Scars
  • June 16 - Meeting Frannie
  • June 17 - Hickeys
  • June 18 - Age Difference
  • June 19 - Accidental Stimulation
  • June 20 - Doppelgängers
  • June 21 - Nightmares

Thank you all so much for your suggestions and votes! As always, my hope is that as many people as possible can participate in Faberry Week.

During the actual week, this blog will function as a central hub for all Faberry Week entries, no matter where they are posted online.

In order to have all entries appear on this blog, please do one of the following:

  • If you are a tumblr user and normally post all your work to tumblr, please post your Faberry Week entries to your tumblr account and tag with “faberry week” so that I can track and reblog them.
  • If you are a tumblr user but don’t normally post your work to tumblr (rather, you house your work on another site like deviantART, AO3, LiveJournal, or FanFiction.net), you can either post a link to your work to your tumblr account and tag with “faberry week” OR sumbit it to the Faberry Week blog.
  • If you are not a tumblr user and have your entries on another site, please submit a link, and I will post it to the blog.
  • If you are not a tumblr user and do not have your entries posted elsewhere online, please submit them.

You can create whatever you wish for the prompts - fan art, fan fic, graphics, videos, or any combination of those. If you want to create something for every single prompt, great! If only one or three inspire you, that’s fine too!

And remember, there are many ways to go at these prompts, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box. You have some time to think about what you might like to do for these, so that should help. And if you don’t have an entry ready on the actual day the prompt is featured, you can always post/submit it later. :)

Again, thank you all so much for your participation so far. Here’s to a fun and successful week of Faberry!

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Vote for the Final Faberry Week 2014 Prompt

The 7th and final spot in the Faberry Week 2014 prompt voting ended in a five-way tie!

So it’s up to you guys to decide which prompt we will use. This poll will be open until 11:59 p.m. EST, April 2, 2014.

(If the poll isn’t showing on your dashboard, click here. It will take you the actual post on the Faberry Week tumblr page, and you’ll be able to see the poll just fine.)

All seven Faberry Week 2014 prompts will be announced this Thursday, April 3!

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Anonymous asked: If there's a prompt that we like that doesn't end up being in the final 5, can we still write a story for it- would you still take it if we submitted it to you?

You are welcome to write the story, but I’ll only be reblogging entries that are for the 7 prompts that ultimately get chosen.

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Anonymous asked: Maybe I'm dumb, but aren't affair and infidelity practically the same thing?

Shit, you’re right. I didn’t notice that. I’m going to delete “Infidelity” from the list. (Any votes for “Infidelity” will go toward “Affair.”)

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Vote on Faberry Week 2014 prompts!

Thanks to everyone who suggested prompts!

To decide the 7 prompts that will be featured during Faberry Week, vote for your 5 favorite prompts from the list below. Tell me what they are in an answer below or in the ask box (if you leave a message anonymously, I’m trusting you to use the honor system and only vote once - please don’t stuff the “ballot box”). I will be accepting votes until 11:59 p.m. EST, March 29, 2014.

Faberry Week 2014 prompt suggestions are under the cut.

Read more …

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Faberry Week 2014 Prompt Suggestions

Now that the dates for Faberry Week 2014 have been decided (June 15 through June 21), the next order of business is to figure what prompts we will be using. I will be taking prompt suggestions until 11:59pm EST, March 22, 2014.

After that, I will compile a list of all the suggested prompts, and then we can put them to a vote.

Remember to keep the prompts simple. In the past I have gotten prompts that were way too specific or prompts that didn’t lend themselves to a wider range of variety and creativity in various mediums.

Think of the prompts as themes. They should be things that can easily be filled by graphic makers, artists, and writers. Some examples of what I mean by that:

  • Hands
  • Passion
  • Secrets

Also, don’t suggest prompts that have already been done in previous Faberry Weeks, because we won’t be doing them a second time.

You can leave your suggestions in the ask box or answer below. What do you suggest?

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When should Faberry Week 2014 be held?

Hey, kids! It’s time to start preparing for the next Faberry Week, and, as always, the first order of business is figuring out when to have it.

This poll will be open until 11:59pm EST, March 15, 2014.

(If the poll isn’t showing on your dashboard, click here. It will take you the actual post on the Faberry Week tumblr page, and you’ll be able to see the poll just fine.)

After the week has been decided on, I’ll ask you guys for prompts, which we will then put to a vote.

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Caught in the Act (Faberry)


People automatically assumed that Rachel would be a high strung girlfriend – a demanding girlfriend. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rachel trusted Quinn completely, and was totally laid back in terms of their relationship. She never freaked out about Quinn hanging out with friends, or had crazy rules about….

Well, there was one rule actually. But only one – so Quinn really couldn’t complain. And she knew it bothered the younger woman, so it wasn’t like she could feign ignorance. Which is why she didn’t even try to cover it up when Rachel caught her that afternoon.



Rachel glowered at her and went to the kitchen drawer to retrieve a sharpie. She wrote QUINN in big swooping letters on the carton of orange juice. “You drank out of it, it’s yours now.”

“Babe…we’ve got each other’s cooties anyway,” Quinn argued meekly. It was her old standby that never worked.

“That’s not the point, Quinn. What if we had guests? What if one of your NYU friends came over and I wanted to offer them a drink and had to take back the offer of delicious, refreshing orange juice because it was chock full of Quinn saliva?”

Quinn tried not to laugh, she really did.

“Lucy Quinn Fabray!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Quinn said, then she pouted. “I love you.”

“I love you too. I don’t love your drinking out of the orange juice carton….”

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PAIRING: Semi-canon future Faberry.
AUTHOR’S NOTES: Another regrettably late submission to FABERRYWEEK under the friends with benefits/reunion prompts. Warnings for cheesiness, fluff, and un-beta’d writing.

Quinn’s boots clicked on the tile of the train station with all the purpose of a solider’s, bent on not letting herself relax until she was buzzed into the sixth floor-solace of her destination. She had finished the last final of her fall semester just a half hour before, and though her brain was still swimming with prose analysis, her thoughts managed to consistently focus in one thing and one thing only: getting to Rachel as fast as possible.

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