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Faberry Week 2014: The Sequel Prompt Suggestions

Now that the dates for Faberry Week 2014: The Sequel have been decided (November 30 through December 6), the next order of business is to figure what prompts we will be using. I will be taking prompt suggestions until 11:59pm EST, September 28, 2014.

After that, I will compile a list of all the suggested prompts, and then we can put them to a vote.

Remember to keep the prompts simple. In the past I have gotten prompts that were way too specific or prompts that didn’t lend themselves to a wider range of variety and creativity in various mediums.

Think of the prompts as themes. They should be things that can easily be filled by graphic makers, artists, and writers. Some examples of what I mean by that:

  • Hands
  • Passion
  • Secrets

Also, don’t suggest prompts that have already been done in previous Faberry Weeks, because we won’t be doing them a second time.

You can leave your suggestions in the ask box or answer below. What do you suggest?

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Anonymous asked: What are gonna be this week's prompts?

That has yet to be determined. Currently, we’re just deciding on when to have Faberry Week. Next week is when I’ll start taking prompt suggestions, and the week after that, we’ll vote on which ones to use.

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When should Faberry Week 2014: The Sequel be held?

Hey, everyone! It’s time to start preparing for the next Faberry Week, and the first order of business is figuring out when to have it.

This poll will be open until 11:59pm EST, September 20, 2014.

(If the poll isn’t showing on your dashboard, click here. It will take you the actual post on the Faberry Week tumblr page, and you’ll be able to see the poll just fine.)

After the week has been decided on, I’ll ask you guys for prompts, which we will then put to a vote.

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Anonymous asked: Is there a plan yet for a Faberry Week 2014 Sequel? Or are you planning on going back to a once a year schedule?

Yeah, I was planning on getting things rolling for the next Faberry Week tomorrow. I’ll post a poll then about what week to have it, and then take things from there.

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Anonymous asked: Check out the faberry fanfic 'safe at sea'. It's different but soo good! I have no idea why it isn't more popular!

I’m a fan of Safe at Sea, and I reblogged naggingGargoyle's update last week. I, too, wonder why it isn't more popular - along with NG's other Faberry fics!

ETA: Sorry, kids, I thought this message was sent to my personal blog, which is where I reblogged the update. But I did reblog this story to the Faberry Week blog back when it was first posted for Faberry Week 2014.

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nightmares: faberry one-shot


Faberry Week
Day 1: Scars
Day 2: Meeting Frannie (or: The Devil Wears Gardenias)
Day 2: Meeting Frannie (or: Gardenias in Stone)
Day 4: Age Difference (or: The Lack Thereof)
Day 6: Doppelgangers
Day 7: Nightmares (or: Perhaps Not? Who Can Say)

Author’s Note: The following is essentially an adaptation of some stream of consciousness writing I did more than a year ago to a friend and a few lines of dialogue I wrote not long after that. These writings ultimately represented a plan for a multi-chapter Glee fic that I now know I will never have the time or dedication to write. I have rewritten this open letter to more closely resemble prose, and I do hope you enjoy it.

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Faberry Week 2014

Day Six: Nightmares

She wakes up in the middle of the night, it’s hers and Rachel’s last night in Lima and she never thought she’d be torn about leaving that house, yet there she is sitting on the edge of her childhood bed unable to sleep.  She gets off the bed quietly in order to not wake up Rachel and opens the bedroom door as slowly as she can, she knows that if Rachel wakes up she’ll start to worry and there’s nothing to worry over, Quinn just needs a few moments alone with her thoughts.

She walks through the hallway and then downstairs in the darkness, there’s no hurry in her steps and there’s no heaviness left in her heart as she lets her mind wander back to everything that’s happened to her there. She reaches the bottom of the stairs and makes her way to the living room, she doesn’t need to turn on the lights to know where she’s going, she knows that house by heart. She sits down in the first couch she reaches and relaxes into it, closing her eyes and letting herself be invaded by all the things that have happened since she and Rachel arrived, she’ll probably never say it out loud but she really is grateful to Rachel for convincing her to come. It seems that Rachel knows what she needs even if she’s in denial about it, and that’s one of the many reasons why she knows she will love Rachel forever.

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Faberry Week 2014

Day Six: Doppelgangers

“Hey, Quinn, would you and Rachel mind looking after mini-me over here for a couple of hours? Frank’s driving me to the mall on his way to work to get the little one’s school supplies; it shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours. I just got to find some Adventure Hour or something backpack, with the Pink Princess… whatever her name is.”

“Princess Bubblegum!”

Quinn and Little Frannie speak at the same time and it makes the little girl giggle.

“And it’s called Adventure Time, mom! I’ve told you like a billion times!”

Frannie rolls her eyes at the little girl’s antics but laughs softly.

“Riiight, sorry baby I’ll try to remember the next time. I guess she’s more a mini-you than a mini-me, huh Quinn?”

Quinn smiles proudly and raises her hand to high five her niece.

“Hell yeah!”

“Language, Quinn! Remember this little one is also a smart copy cat and I don’t want to have to scold her again for yelling that whenever I ask her if she wants dessert!”

“Sorry, Frannie.”

“Yeah, you look sorry. Anyhow, I’ll be back in a couple of hours, ok?”

Rachel, Quinn and Little Frannie nod and Frannie leans down to kiss her daughter’s forehead and give Quinn a final glare as warning before heading out the door.

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Faberry Week 2014

Day Five: Accidental Stimulation

She wakes up and feels brighter, lighter somehow, it’s not a feeling she can quite express because it’s something completely new for her. It’s a … freedom of sorts, as if her soul had broken more chains since she and Rachel talked the night before.

Everything around her looks different, with more light, even the curtains of her bedroom don’t seem as heavy now as they did the day before, it’s as if the sunlight got stronger somehow and has it easier to go inside the bedroom.

Quinn stretches and inhales deeply, enjoying the way how even air feels easier to breathe. She smiles contently and feels Rachel move behind her (it seems that somehow during the night she ended up being the little spoon) so she rolls over and her nose all but bumps against Rachel’s who stirs a little and Quinn stays still, she doesn’t want her to wake up yet, she wants to look at her a little longer, she’s amazed at how even Rachel’s tan skin seems smoother and softer, how the light seems to frame her perfectly making it look like she’s glowing.

She gently reaches to touch the exposed skin from Rachel’s shoulder, she brushes it with the tip of her fingers, up and down a couple of times relishing in every inch of warm skin she touches, she draws a couple of lazy circles on the skin before moving up until her hand disappears on brown locks and her fingers twirl between the shinny chocolate colored hair. Quinn takes in a deep breath and closes her eyes.

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